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New Ontario Liberal Commercial

I just saw the new Ontario Liberal commercial and I must say that I really like it.  I’m not sure it will help the election, but it really instills some Ontario pride.  Many Canadian provinces have strong identities, and some are having a strong economic resurgance, largely based on resources.  But Ontario can claim to be province of high tech and manufacturing–an exporter of finished goods.  With our strong Canadian dollar really affecting the Ontario manufacturing sector, it’s good to put a positive slant on things.  A good spot.

It made me think of another recent commercial I saw that I really liked, the Chrysler Super Bowl commercial by Eminem:


HST is passed

I’ve barely been involved in the discussions about the HST, too much work and American news I’ve been digesting, but here it is.  There has been some negative feeling towards this tax, mostly started by those who could lose the most (realtors, mutual funds, and certain retailers).  But looking a little further into this harmonization means that, if nothing else, there will be one less administrative hoop for Ontario businesses to go through.  And that improvement in efficiency must be a good thing.

As for all the rest, it is still part of the complex mess that most tax systems really are.  It will be hard to say if one would be winning or losing in dollar figures unless we all knew what we will be spending our money on in the coming years.

For some information from all sides of the debate, check out this article from the Peterborough Examiner that came out in the summer (ahhh, the summer–I do miss it!)  Hopefully it can give a better idea of what this is really all about.

Greedy developers.

This is exactly the kind of one-sided article that we do not need to see.  The developers trying to fear-monger the people so that they can get their way.  All they want to do is put up more house and put more $$$ in their wallet.  They don’t give a damn what all their suburbs will do to the city.  All about money–not about the people.  And if they really thought about it, the 785,000 people that already live in Ottawa would actually like their house prices to go up.  But there are so many other factors involved with house prices.  This kind of ridiculous article should not be taken seriously–I hope it isn’t.  Just another way to convince people to allow them to make more money.  Don’t believe for second they care about the welfare of the average citizen.  Here’s the sham of an article–note how no one is on record being for the urban boundary except for the planner–they didn’t ask.

article here