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New Ontario Liberal Commercial

I just saw the new Ontario Liberal commercial and I must say that I really like it.  I’m not sure it will help the election, but it really instills some Ontario pride.  Many Canadian provinces have strong identities, and some are having a strong economic resurgance, largely based on resources.  But Ontario can claim to be province of high tech and manufacturing–an exporter of finished goods.  With our strong Canadian dollar really affecting the Ontario manufacturing sector, it’s good to put a positive slant on things.  A good spot.

It made me think of another recent commercial I saw that I really liked, the Chrysler Super Bowl commercial by Eminem:


The Importance of a Technology “Anchor”

Not a long post from me today, but just a link to an article in the Globe and Mail that explains what RIM’s misfortunes could mean for the city of Kitchener-Waterloo.  I doubt that they will become the next Nortel, but hopefully they won’t.

Ottawa Tech Sector / RIM

A while ago I was going to post a quick something that I saw about the Ottawa Tech Sector from the Ottawa Citizen, but didn’t post it.  Unfortunately things didn’t seem to be going well in Ottawa high-tech despite some encouraging signs from some companies.  Article below:

But now it seems we could have some more bad news for Ottawa (really Canada) tech with RIM’s recent announcements.  This will affect the growing tech economy of Waterloo much more than Ottawa’s but there will be an effect.  RIM is one of the local bright spots. 

Who is going to be Canada’s tech anchor?  It looks like RIM is still a major force and will remain the number one tech company in Canada for awhile.  But who will be Ottawa’s anchor?  Since the demise of Nortel we don’t seem to have a large, world-class, exporter of technology (apologies to all the smaller Ottawa companies out there).  Maybe an anchor is not required beyond the government and it’s tech contracts, but I think a big world-beater would be good to have in town.

On Vancouver

It really is a shame what happened last night in Vancouver–I truly believe it was the work of a small minority, taking advantage of the situation.  I personally believe we would have seen rioting and looting even if Vancouver won.  Here’s why:

I have always been a fan of the “street party”.  From my early high school days in South Western Ontario where small towns would shut down streets to let everyone roam around with (or without) drinks, to homecoming parties at Queen’s, to Canada Day here in Ottawa.  I’ve always thought that being outside with multitudes of people celebrating is a great way to spend a day/evening.  But more recently there seems to be people who are not there for the celebration, but are there for the chance to cause some damage. 

I’ve noticed this happening recently in Kingston. Incidents lead to Homecoming moving from the fall to a time during the summer session — when far less students are on campus.  Was it alumni coming back and ripping up the town for old time sakes?  No way, it was current students, Kingstonians, and many out of towners in for the party.

That’s why I think the riot would have happened whether they won or lost.  There were people in that huge crowd that were just there for the chance to go crazy.  Now I shouldn’t say that the negative vibe from losing wouldn’t have made things a bit more violent–that is a distinct possibility.  But I really do think the party was going to get out of control one way or another.

Now what to do about this.  Truthfully I’m not sure–this seems to happen more and more often with these major sports championships.  Perhaps a greater police presence?  Or should there be some more communication with the revellers before the game that night?  I’m not sure, but I do hope that the follow up actions that Vancouver is undertaking at least make people think before things get out of hand.  Unfortunately this has put the great city of Vancouver in a very poor light.

And just edited my post to add this–I do hope that the idea of the street party continues!  So many good (non-rioting) memories!

New Blog about Ottawa

No blog posts since that incredible election (who says Canadian politics is boring!), but definitely hope to post more on how Harper is doing with his majority….

In the mean-time I did want to put out a link to a blog about Ottawa.  I do know Mel so I may not be completely impartial, but I do think it’s a good blog on discovering Ottawa including local music, along with some food/recipe exploration.

Here’s My Ottawa Life !