As I’ve mentioned in the past, I am somewhat loyal listener to Chris Gondak’s podcast—The Invisible Hand.  It’s a podcast that reviews new business and economics books by interviewing the author.  Recently I received an Amazon gift certificate and purchased some of the books I’ve heard about from the podcast.  Included in that list is “Management Rewired” by Charles Jacobs. 

I have long been fascinated with how our brains work, and this book takes a good look at the functioning of the brain.  It also attempts to provide some practical advice on how to manage people with consideration of how everyone perceives the world. 

I find the book and the research fascinating but there is something I wonder about.  Charles Jacobs has been in the business of management consulting for a long time.  He started out with his practices long before the brain research that he quoted was in.  Did he jump all over these theories when he found out about them because they confirmed his thinking all along?  Is there a chance he could be manipulating the findings to support his own theories?

Good questions but they should not completely stop people from reading the theories presented in this book.  The human brain is very interesting indeed.