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Dow dips below 10,000

Attention grabbing headline, but not relevant anymore as the Dow has since risen back above the psychologically significant 10,000 mark.  Where the Dow is headed is still a mystery, but I know from my recent trip to the US, the second wave of this recession seems to be coming around.  Quite a while ago a former colleague of mine talked about how the commercial real estate market would follow the home prices down, but it was a matter of when.  Well seeing the large amount of empty store space in one of the most vibrant cities (Austin) in one of the most well-off states (Texas), I could just imagine how the rest of the country is doing.  Is this recent dip in the Dow an indication that the commercial real estate problems are now going to cause problems?  If so, I wouldn’t want to be in Obama’s shoes right now—I think he’s exhausted his nation’s appetite for stimulus funds.


Getting things done

Just a few observations from my trip to China.  Seeing the growth of Shenzhen and the skyscrapers of Pudong in Shanghai, one cannot help but be impressed by the progress made in the last 30 years.  I even got to ride on the Pudong Mag-Lev train to the airport.  Very impressive.

I was instantly reminded of the constant debate, start, cancel, debate, start, cancel cycle that we seem  to be involved in for Ottawa’s transit system.  Will it ever got off the ground?

I’m not promoting China’s political system, but they can get things when they need to.  (But may not care about all the consequences). 

Perhaps there is some middle ground that would allow functional democracies to accomplish things a bit faster.  The US was able to put a man on the moon in a limited amount of time–is there a lesson to be learned there?

Lot’s of stuff going on…

Been some busy months in my life that have kept me from posting.  My brother was in a life-threatening cycling injury in the US, I’ve had a two week work trip to China, all the while trying to keep the family happy…but enough of all that…experiences that could fill a blog on them alone.  But from now on I’ll try to keep going with some regular commentary on the world of engineering.

As I end this post–one comment, Apple did mess up with their antenna design.  Oh well, we all make mistakes every now and then.