Again, I’m a little late on the ball, but definitely had to comment on Ann Coulter’s recent visit to Ottawa.  I am by no means a fan of Ann Coulter, but think that the University of Ottawa did themselves a disservice by sending the letter to warn her about her speech.   I believe this was a mistake.  The way to confront ideas that you don’t believe in is to engage in discussion and bring to light the problems with their ideas.  Not to stop them from talking at all.  Again–this letter was probably a mistake.

On the other side, I agree with letting the protesters also say what they want.  Free speech should be applied to both sides.

But now the damage is already done.  There is a lot of controversy about who actually had the final decision to cancel the show.  Whatever the case may be, Ann Coulter is now playing the role of the victim.  This martyrdom, along with all the extra press from this incident, will no doubt be used to her advantage.