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iPad is coming! How about paper reduction?

Coming soon to stores on April 3rd, the iPad is causing quite a stir.  Will it be “all that”?

The most interesting part about the iPad, the Kindle, and other tablet PCs and e-readers (and yes I know e-readers and tablet computers are really different things!) is what it might actually do to the print (newspapers and books) industry.  It seems logical to me  (someone who reads quite a bit online, but not much printed material) that we may finally see less trees being converted to paper.  I bold the “may” because people have predicted the paperless office in the past.

It will be hard to fully get rid of paper, but the e-reader/tablet idea might reduce some paper usage.  We shall see how this all progresses in the next few years.


Healthcare reform–it’s hard to get excited

I’ve been following  health care reform in the US, but only on the periphery.  It sounds like there are no major changes taking place.

Saying this, I just wanted to pass along this post from Loring Wirbel on his blog.  Sometimes it’s just to hard to get excited about the minutiae of details that go into these large pieces of legislation.  Especially after it gets diluted to appease so many different interests.  Sometimes there are many things that keep us occupied.

See post here.

Ann Coulter in Ottawa

Again, I’m a little late on the ball, but definitely had to comment on Ann Coulter’s recent visit to Ottawa.  I am by no means a fan of Ann Coulter, but think that the University of Ottawa did themselves a disservice by sending the letter to warn her about her speech.   I believe this was a mistake.  The way to confront ideas that you don’t believe in is to engage in discussion and bring to light the problems with their ideas.  Not to stop them from talking at all.  Again–this letter was probably a mistake.

On the other side, I agree with letting the protesters also say what they want.  Free speech should be applied to both sides.

But now the damage is already done.  There is a lot of controversy about who actually had the final decision to cancel the show.  Whatever the case may be, Ann Coulter is now playing the role of the victim.  This martyrdom, along with all the extra press from this incident, will no doubt be used to her advantage.

Media and Advertisers

Having listened to the No Agenda podcast for a while, it has been interesting hearing them say over and over again that taking donations keeps them out of the hands of the major corporations that normally control the media. 

I just read an interesting blog entry from Lou Covey’s State of the Media blog.  It talks about how corporations are now fully sponsoring television shows, not hiding it, and really how this has been part of media since time immemorial. 

I must admit, that I prefer the more overt advertising that comes up in the shows mentioned, than the sneaky methods of subverting mainstream media messaging.  I guess there will always be corporations that will present entertainment as advertisement, we should be used to it.  Hey, some of these shows could be quite good.  But I would recommend when watching any television show or reading any newspaper (paper and online) think about the advertisements you see.  Do they just want eyeballs?  Or are there some other things going on behind the scenes? 

Just a note that I do not think there are too many hidden messages…the main goal is still to entertain first–keep your ratings high so your show doesn’t get cancelled.

El Toro – 1991

Another interesting point brought up by the No Agenda guys recently–pertaining to the most recent Pentagon shooter.    The mention of the 1991 death of Marine Colonel James Sabow, brought up some old news…and an enduring controversy.  I really don’t have too much to add to this, but feel some of the coverage of this should  be brought up again.  See a recent article here:, and a more detailed post here:

I will not judge in this particular post, but it does sound like some interesting things were going on at the El Toro Marine base in the early 90’s.

Am I allowed to swear on WordPress?

Oh well, I guess we’ll see with this post.

Anyhoo, listening to the No Agenda guys while walking the dog tonight, I hear many things that were blog worthy.  The first item to go up though is on the humourous side of things.

One of their memes is media assassination.  They happened to play the audio on this video from The Onion News Network.  It’s a pretty funny commentary on the bullshit we sometimes see on the major news networks.  Anything to keep a story going!  Listen to it without watching the video and you can visualize many different stories that they might cover.  LOL!

Go east young man (or woman)

I know this is happening in the technology industry, so I am not surprised that recent business school graduates are seeking adventure and fortune in Asia.  I can definitely see the attraction that unattached people might have.  Speaking as someone who did work overseas for two years, there is no guarantee of success, it could be a wild ride, but overall a great learning experience.  Businessweek article here.