I’m still getting alot of information from podcasts that I listen to while I walk the dog and I recently listened to Chris Gondak  review the book “If we can put a man on the moon”.  This book explored the sequence of events that led the American government to succeed in the pursuit of it’s lofty goal of putting a man on the moon.  It also explores and makes some hypothesis on what to do, and not to do.   It also looks at business people who try to succeed in politics, and some of the struggles they face.

It sounds like an interesting read. It seems like it has been a long time since a western government has been able to successfully complete a big project.

And one interesting local corollary is the tale of Larry O’Brien.  A successful business man who tried to make the transition to politician.  I know his term is not quite over yet, but Mr. O’Brien has faced some difficulties in implementing his plans.  From all I’ve heard,  government  is a different world and requires different skills to get things done.  Definitely a topic that I find fascinating.