I’ve barely been involved in the discussions about the HST, too much work and American news I’ve been digesting, but here it is.  There has been some negative feeling towards this tax, mostly started by those who could lose the most (realtors, mutual funds, and certain retailers).  But looking a little further into this harmonization means that, if nothing else, there will be one less administrative hoop for Ontario businesses to go through.  And that improvement in efficiency must be a good thing.

As for all the rest, it is still part of the complex mess that most tax systems really are.  It will be hard to say if one would be winning or losing in dollar figures unless we all knew what we will be spending our money on in the coming years.

For some information from all sides of the debate, check out this article from the Peterborough Examiner that came out in the summer (ahhh, the summer–I do miss it!)  Hopefully it can give a better idea of what this is really all about.