Again, a slight departure from pure politics, but still something that is affecting the way the world works, and will ultimately affect the way the world is governed.   We looked at the way that the internet can be called the world’s brain, but there is also a more immediate affect on marketing.  It’s been an interesting development, with internet search and social media leading the way.

I personally remember how intrigued I was by the concept of the “Classmates” website that was launched.  I live pretty far from my home town and the place I went to high school (LDSS rulz!), and was quite intrigued by the technology that could bring me back in touch with friends from there.  They put up a pay wall, and I decided it wasn’t worth it.  Then along came Facebook, a job in media where I was encouraged to use it, and then shazam!, I was in touch with so many people!  Discovering LinkedIn (great for keeping in touch with former co-workers), and being introduced to twitter for work reasons, I was suddenly immersed in the big three social networking sites.

Thinking about my transformation made me realize that others might also have had similar transformations.   How is this really affecting the world of marketing.  Well looking at my former manager (and a bit of a marketing guru) company’s website (M3C Group) I found this video created by equalman.  Quite an interesting video and well worth a watch, even if some of the facts could be debatable.   How will this phenomenon change marketing?  And what will happen to TV advertising?