I’ve been hearing alot about Ayn Rand recently–Crackpot Adam Curry keeps trying to get Buzzkill to read Atlas Shrugged, while Chris Gondak has reviewed the Jessica Burns book “Goddess of the Market”, a biography of Ayn Rand.  With two of my favorite podcasts mentioning her, I decided to do a bit more research.   I found recent articles talking about the resurgence including:  Huffington PostThe Guardian, Wall Street Journal, US News and World Report

My take on Ayn Rand is that she was definitely affected by her childhood and the injustice she saw with the Russian Revolution.  As a philosopher with intelligence (by all accounts she was intelligent), she probably had some very good ideas that were within her realm of understanding and experience.  But she could not fully grasp the entire understanding of free market economies and the role of government, mostly because I believe that it is practically impossible for one person to do so. (My new philosophy on philosophers!)

All being said, if I ever have time I just might have to read Atlas Shrugged–there are probably some interesting points in it.