It’s staggering to think of the ways the internet has changed the world.  Information sharing, information storage, and various speeds of communication (from slow to very fast).  Anyone in the world with a half-decent internet connection and a terminal (I’ll define as smart phone, netbook, laptop, PC) has the ability to connect to these vast resources and directly to other users.  With this capability, does the internet not act like a large world brain?  I know I’m not the only one to make this analogy, but with recent activity of twitter and facebook the “neural” activity has defintely quickened.  Messages (electrical signals?) are travelling around faster than ever but as Loring Wirbel points out in an interesting blog post, is the world brain losing some of it’s memory capability?  Not memory some would think of (there are servers storing more information than ever) but a different type of memory function.  Definitely an interesting idea.