The titles to this blog post partially summarize my current thinking about the H1N1 craze that is fully taking over.  I am still listening to No Agenda, and taking their words under advisement (not blindly following).  But where are the true stats that really say that this is worse than the seasonal flu?  Mainstream media jumps all over every death that occurs, and why not, it sells these days.  There are some scary stories out there of young healthy people dying with swine flu.  So maybe it is worse, but why is it worse?  Could someone (CDC, WHO, etc.) tell us exactly why it is worse than the regular flu–in scientific terms? 

When analyzing problems, one needs to isolate certain variables.  If something has changed, that change–that difference–should be visible.  When comparing the H1N1 virus to regular influenza these researchers should be able to point to something that would make it that much more dangerous–and justify this extreme response.  I just have not seen this yet.  I will continue to look.  Any suggestions on where to find this (web or otherwise)?