I know this blog post is a bit late.  I’ve been busy transitioning between two jobs in the greater organization, and also had a trip to Washington DC last week.  My time has been full, but enough with excuses. 

I certainly noticed when the DJIA got over the psychologically significant 10,000 mark on the 14th.  A very good question would be whether this will last.  Truthfully, I still don’t know.  Some commentators have mentioned that with the fall of the dollar, this doesn’t mean that it has really gone up.  But the truth is, the market is definitely up since the low of ~6500 (about 1000 higher than my predicted low of 5500).  I think a lot will depend on the second blow to the economy (commercial real estate bust and smaller banks going under).  IMHO, I don’t think it will go down, but not necessarily all the way down to 6500 again.  American companies (whether they employ that many Americans, or not) are through the worst and will do alright for a while.  A so-called jobless recovery.  It will be interesting to observe the next 3 months–the Christmas numbers will tell an interesting story.