As a true intersection of electronics engineering, politics, and my home city of Ottawa, Nortel will always be a big story for me.  Although I have never worked there myself, I know many who have, and some who are still there right now.   It is a company that truly affects the Ottawa (and to some extent, Canada) high-tech story.  Therefore, I am encouraged of the fact that Nortel is not forgotten when reading about Michael Ignatieff’s words at a Toronto Board of Trade meeting.  (Andrew Willis of the Globe and Mail blogs about the  meeting here)

Although I agree that there has been horrible management that caused the demise of Nortel, I still believe that there is alot of technological talent and innovation that should be preserved for Canada.  Nortel will be sold off–that fact will not change.  But there do seem to be options that will better keep that technological innovation and talent in Canada.  I hope that Mr. Ignatieff’s words will spark some action from the ruling Conservatives (or the next government ) to do something about keeping Canadian innovation in Canada.