I tell you that since Don Scansen got me into the No Agenda podcasts, I have become addicted!  I really enjoy their style, their humour, and above all else the information on the workings of the governments of the world.  Sure, there’s the odd crackpot theory from left field (usually from Adam Curry) but the information they bring out for public consumption is very valuable.  I recommend it for anyone wishing to get beyond the regular stuff we are fed by the major news networks.  They are also party agnostic, bashing the democrats and the republicans when members of either party does something crooked.  Hats off to you, John C. Dvorak and Adam Curry–and keep doing what you are doing.

I found the podcast by just searching “no agenda” on iTunes but there are different ways of getting to it.  Other links for the show are their Square Space site:  http://noagenda.squarespace.com/  and where the podcast is hosted on the mevio site:  http://noagenda.mevio.com/