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Nortel – a review of the Avaya purchase

Well, now we’ll see if the government does something about the sale.  It looks like an automatically triggered review will take place.  The size of the deal triggered the review, but the government may be able to stop it.  We’ll see what comes out of this–I hope they are at least thinking about what Mr. Ignatieff said.  More details on the review here.


Nortel comes up again.

As a true intersection of electronics engineering, politics, and my home city of Ottawa, Nortel will always be a big story for me.  Although I have never worked there myself, I know many who have, and some who are still there right now.   It is a company that truly affects the Ottawa (and to some extent, Canada) high-tech story.  Therefore, I am encouraged of the fact that Nortel is not forgotten when reading about Michael Ignatieff’s words at a Toronto Board of Trade meeting.  (Andrew Willis of the Globe and Mail blogs about the  meeting here)

Although I agree that there has been horrible management that caused the demise of Nortel, I still believe that there is alot of technological talent and innovation that should be preserved for Canada.  Nortel will be sold off–that fact will not change.  But there do seem to be options that will better keep that technological innovation and talent in Canada.  I hope that Mr. Ignatieff’s words will spark some action from the ruling Conservatives (or the next government ) to do something about keeping Canadian innovation in Canada.

Flu season coming

The most eagerly anticipated (I mean dreaded) flu season is upon us.  The mainstream media asks, “will there be enough swine flu vaccine–not sure, but better line up to get some, if you value your life!”  I am still very doubtful that swine flu is any worse than the regular flu.  On top of that I don’t believe that rushing through some improperly tested vaccine is a very good idea at all.   The vaccine companies are geared up to make a killing.  I have never taken the seasonal flu shot, and I don’t plan on taking either the seasonal or swine flu shot this year.   I’ll take my chances…

Conversation is still ongoing…

Just wanted to point out the fact that the US engineering discussion is still ongoing on EE Times.  What makes this interesting is that we also have at least two active participants who are currently in China.  Check out the thread here.  I must admit that if I were without mortgage and family, I might be tempted to move to China, to see firsthand this transformation.

Are US engineers at a disadvantage?

A great discussion is taking place right now on EE .  Great views on engineering skills and employment, with lots of talk about the issue of off-sourcing.   The comments are coming in from around the world.  Check it out here.

Another sign of recessionary times

A friend in South Korea forwarded me this article on a ship grave yard off the coast of Malaysia near Singapore.  It’s a very prominent indicator of what the current recession is doing to global trade.  Whether less goods shipping around the world is a good thing or a bad thing, I do know that these ships are not grounded for environmental reasons.  This could be a very tough Christmas for retailers.

No Agenda podcast–I’m a fan

I tell you that since Don Scansen got me into the No Agenda podcasts, I have become addicted!  I really enjoy their style, their humour, and above all else the information on the workings of the governments of the world.  Sure, there’s the odd crackpot theory from left field (usually from Adam Curry) but the information they bring out for public consumption is very valuable.  I recommend it for anyone wishing to get beyond the regular stuff we are fed by the major news networks.  They are also party agnostic, bashing the democrats and the republicans when members of either party does something crooked.  Hats off to you, John C. Dvorak and Adam Curry–and keep doing what you are doing.

I found the podcast by just searching “no agenda” on iTunes but there are different ways of getting to it.  Other links for the show are their Square Space site:  and where the podcast is hosted on the mevio site: