As this recession continues (except for the short rally on Wall Street),  people will be starting to preserve the items they have, and look to buy used goods at discount prices.  In fact, a new consignment shop just opened down the street from me.  I can’t help but wonder if this mentality will be good for the environment in the long run.  Keeping the things you have running, working, and generally in use, will help keep stuff out of the land fills.  Buying used items from others also helps in this regard.  So all seems good from the environmental point of view.

But what does that mean if our great manufacturing facilities slow down?  I’m not an economics major, but having no new goods produced is probably not a good thing.  Maybe we need to look at making manufacturing more environmentally friendly, as opposed to just making more stuff faster and faster.  There will always be a need for newly produced items–you can’t maintain everything forever.  After this recession might be a time where society can find a balance –and hopefully the environment will benefit from the outcome.