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US patent system reform is required

I know I’m letting some work colleagues do the heavy lifting for this blog, but wanted to point people to this opinion piece by Rick Merritt for EE Times.  The patent system is a good intersection of government and technology, and can be a surprisingly important factor in innovation.  The US Patent & Tradmark office looks to be in need of an overhaul.  Currently it is run on the cheap which creates the attitude of the examiners to approve most patents (and therefore collect the fees), and let the legal system determine what is and isn’t a good patent.  Good for lawyers, not so good for inventors.  I’m sure there are interesting times legal battles ahead.


Engineers and politics

A colleague, Patrick Mannion, writes an interesting blog post about the need for Engineers to get involved in the political process.  I can see why some engineers might want to stay away from the fray and just concentrate on their immediate jobs, but can they really complain when the laws, government, politicians frustrate them?  It’s better to be involved than not–politics affects every aspect of our lives.

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How do we inspire the next generation of engineers?

Been very busy, but no excuse not to keep blogging. 

Anyhoo, here is a blog post I wrote for the Industrial Control DesignLine.  The Thomas K. Mattingley keynote address at the Embedded Systems Conference really brought back the feeling of excitement that was present during the space race.  Will there be events that will capture the imagination of the future generations of engineers in North America?  Or will layoffs, outsourcing, and the downturn keep them out of the profession?  We shall see.