Obviously I need to learn more about economics.  With all the talk about America starting trade wars with their buy American proposals, I get slightly confused.   If the government (not a private corporation) wants to put rules in place so that their money is spent on American items,  doesn’t that seem just?  American taxpayer money spent to directly benefit the taxpayer–makes sense.

This seems different from putting taxes on imported goods, a truly protectionist measure, that has been known to spark trade wars.   But this is where things get confusing, NAFTA (and other free trade agreements) obviously have rules where a government may have limits on how much they can support their own industries.  I remember these discussions during the trade dispute between Bombardier (Canada) and Embraer (Brazil) when both sides were accusing the government of giving an unfair advantage to their regional jets businesses.  Eventually the WTO came in and slapped both of them at separate times.  I obviously need some training on free trade agreements and what they encompass before I can fully comment on the “buy American”, “buy Canadian”, or “buy Japanese” measures that are being taken these days.  Any suggestions on a good online tutorial about free trade agreements?