Thank goodness that the OC Transpo strike is finally over.  It sounds like the federal government threatening to step in made both the Mayor and the head of the Transit Union to agree to binding arbitration.  Both the Mayor and the Union head seemed to not be willing to comprimise at all!  It finally took local MPs to realize how badly the many people who rely on the buses were hurting in Ottawa, before anything was done about it. 

Kudos to the Conservatives, Liberals, and NDP for working together to get this thing done.   They all realized how important OC Transpo is to the people of Ottawa.

Now our two negotiating teams seem to have not realized this.  Their egos  seem to have gotten in the way of getting things done.  They have agreed to binding arbitration that a mediator recommended to both parties on day 1!!!  Shame on them. 

And specifically to the union, you approached this with such animosity, that you had a complete shut-down, right before Christmas, and carried this out through the worst weather season.  Shame on you.

Let’s hope that OC Transpo gets classified as an essential service so we don’t have to do this again.