I finding it hard to really get behind the bail-outs that are being proposed in both the US and Canada–and around the world.  One of the premises of the capitalistic system is that good companies rise to the top, and bad companies fall away.  It is up to the consumer to decide the successes and failures of companies.   People who know me would probably think of me as left-leaning, but I have a hard-time with Governments using tax-payers money to help prop-up failing businesses.  I believe that governments are responsible to the people of the nation–their citizens and tax payers.  I therefore believe that if government money is needed to get us out of this economic mess (which I’m not sure I agree with), it should be directly invested into the people of the nation.  That could mean prolonged EI benefits, money to schools and universities to educate the people, funding infrastructure projects or financial help with STARTING a business.   Not help mature companies that are not able to react to the times, or have huge corporate wages and perks, and have out-dated technology. 

I know I previously thought that Nortel may be deserving of a bail-out, compared to the big 3 automakers, but now I’m not so sure.  Maybe from the remnants of Nortel there will be talented people who will be able to start new innovative companies.  One can only hope.