Living in Ottawa and working in the high tech sector, it’s hard to not be affected in some way by Nortel. There are many ex-Nortel people out there, and everyone has some story about how they worked, or almost worked there. Now, with the bankruptcy protection, recently laid-off workers and pensioners are now worried about their money. Ay, yay, yay.

One thing that I can take from this is that there are definitely issues of bad management and bad accounting. But is this any worse than the big three automakers? As much as I do NOT want Nortel to get a bail-out–isn’t the high tech industry a better place for the government to invest than the auto sector? The automotive area employs many people, but does manufacturing really increase the knowledge base of the people of Ontario? What kind of R&D spend do these companies do? Nortel, for all it’s warts, is/was one of the top R&D spending companies in Canada. So many high tech companies spun out of Nortel. Should the bailout people maybe think about tech sector, just to see if they can help out?