BTW, I finally broke down and got an Apple product. I believe we overpayed for an Apple iPod nano (my wife liked the colours, and the availability of docking speaker systems), but I am getting into it. The docking is great, and my exploration of iTunes and the iTunes store has added to the experience. Everything is set up to be so easy–I can see why people like it!

Back to the overpaying, I must admit there were many other options with the same or better technical specifications (I like the idea of an FM receiver) such as the Zune, Sansa, and Sony-Ericsson models. They must be able to get away with it because of their name, and the positive reviews of the whole ecosystem.

Does this now make me the member of some sort-of Apple cult? Or just a happy user that will still buy non-Apple products? I would say I’m the latter right now.