With the current mess that is Canadian politics, I  hope this attack on the public funds for political parties is not overlooked.  If this were to go through, we could end up with an American style 2 party system, with the Corporations who donate to the parties pulling the strings.  Of course, the Conservatives (and probably the Liberals) would love to have a two party system, but I think the lack of choice for the voters would be devastating to Canadian democracy.  Public funds are definitely needed to keep Corporations from having too much say in our political system.  If they are taken away, then many many votes will never make any difference at all.  In the American system, if someone votes for a Republican in Massachusetts his vote is virtually useless.  The same goes for someone voting Democrat in Texas.  We can never let our system get like that.  Each vote needs to count.

in the current situation, Harper did back track from that stance.  I’m not sure the Coalition’s intentions are all that pure themselves, but at least they got that part recinded.  If nothing else that was worth it.  I’m glad Mr. Harper didn’t have a majority so he could send that change through.  The effects would have been devastating for Canadian democracy.