Well, look where we are now.  The government needs to talk to the Governer-General (representative of the Queen of England, for all you American readers) to decide what to do with this.  Darth Harper has made it far too hard for the opposition parties to accept the budget, as he attempts to rip out their financial throat in the mean spiritedness nature he so tries to hide.  Now we’re stuck with the Opposition creating some hellish coalition with a leader that his own party doesn’t want (Dion), the NDP, and a separatist party (the Bloc Quebecois) trying to take the reins.  All Darth Harper had to was play nice with the opposition parties and get a budget done for the sake of the country in this economic climate, but no he had to not listen to his own party and go for the jugular.  Your stupic decisions costed you a majority in the last election–why are you doing this now.  Obviously his circle is so tight, he doesn’t want any rational thought in there.  We’ll see what happens next.