A follow-on from my last post about the incumbant Baird, I face a quandary about who to pick.  I normally would choose the Liberals as they would normally have the first chance to unseat Baird.  But there was some back and forth about their selection for the riding, with former Mayor Bob Chiarelli finally deciding to not go in the election–presumably he did not want to lose.  I’m not a fan of that kind of thinking.  After every other party had signs out for a week, finally the Liberals selected David Pratt, a former MP and a former cabinet minister (defence) in the Chretien governments.  Now I should not let my displeasure with Chiarelli and the Liberals sway my thinking on Pratt (who I do not know well), but I have started to think about other parties, specifically NDP and Green.  I have since been quite intrigued with the Green party and am doing some research.  My biggest question is their economic views–I’m trying to determine how viable the party would be if they ever were in power.  While the environment is a good and worthy cause, it cannot be the only reason to pick a government.  So while doing my own research, I hope to know what other people think about the party. 

What do people think about the Green party on issues other than the environment? 

Let me know what people think via comments.