And one more thing I wanted to add regarding my last post (before my non-computer holidays).  As part of OFGAC I have had the fortune to find out more about the emerald ash borer (EAB) and what has been happening with the current invasion.  It started in Detroit, and has spread all over Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Quebec and Ontario up here in Canada.  It has recently been confirmed to exist in Ottawa.    The whole thing harkens back to Dutch  Elm disease.  We lost many Elm trees and continue to (slowly) have more trees succomb to the disease.   But forests for the most part have done OK.  Old beautiful trees have died, but other species and new trees have thrived.  When talking about the poison involved to prevent the EAB from destroying just one tree, it seems that it is not worthwhile, both monetarily and for the environment.    It is good pactice to try and limit the damage, and quarantine the EAB.  But if this is not possible, we all should not worry.  Mother nature will more than adequately create trees that will survive.  In fact if forests and greenspace were left alone, some species of trees and plants would thrive.  I think that’s the key, leave our forests and greenspaces alone, and they will prosper.