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Polls upon polls

Expect the pollsters to start going crazy over the next little while, as everyone in Canada mulls over a fall election.  Here is an article that gives some numbers from the most recent ones.

Poll Numbers


Two Elections–busy fall.

Well it looks like the conservatives will finally get their election to try and get a majority parliament. Will this be Mr. Harper’s time to take control, and the Liberal’s chance to bury the Dion as their lame-duck leader? Or will Dion surprise us all again, and win the big one? Time will tell, although it is not looking good for Dion as other top Liberals patiently wait for his demise.

The combination of an American Presidential election in November, and a Canadian election around the same time, makes for a very interesting fall for the political observer.

The New Media

An interesting blog entry from a colleague, Loring Wirbel, at EETimes. The world has changed, and governments that try to control this new media are in for a real challenge. With video-phones and all manner of small cameras available, news can be dispersed quite quickly.

Communications Blog

Flobots – Handlebars Video

A very good video that really talks about what humans can do, whether they are for good or for evil. Really moving. That power is within us, and the choice of what to do with that power is also within us.

Decision ’08 and lack of discussion on science/energy program

A very good article from and subsequent debate regarding the need for a new energy policy for the US.

link to article

Greedy developers.

This is exactly the kind of one-sided article that we do not need to see.  The developers trying to fear-monger the people so that they can get their way.  All they want to do is put up more house and put more $$$ in their wallet.  They don’t give a damn what all their suburbs will do to the city.  All about money–not about the people.  And if they really thought about it, the 785,000 people that already live in Ottawa would actually like their house prices to go up.  But there are so many other factors involved with house prices.  This kind of ridiculous article should not be taken seriously–I hope it isn’t.  Just another way to convince people to allow them to make more money.  Don’t believe for second they care about the welfare of the average citizen.  Here’s the sham of an article–note how no one is on record being for the urban boundary except for the planner–they didn’t ask.

article here

Cell Phone Popcorn

This one comes from . A good site with much information on cell phones and applications, especially smart phones like iPhone and Blackberry.   I met the editor Kyle while waiting in line for the iPhone in Ottawa (see previous post).

Cell Phone Popcorn