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Ottawa’s Greenbelt

With Ottawa looking a new Official Plan, the NCC has opened up the greenbelt for discussion.  Many people are  looking at what will happen here, including federal, provincial, and municipal governments, environmentalists, developers, and of course the citizens of Ottawa. 

I am against any development of the greenbelt, unless it is development of parks, paths and recreational areas where trees are added as opposed to taken away. 

We’ll see what happens.


Technology and the US Presidential Election

I found a very interesting website that follows how the presidential candidates are using new internet technologies, as well as how those technologies will change the outcome.  I will be following this website right up to and after the election.  Canadian political parties take note!


Black Swans

Dr. Scansen has sent me another interesting tidbit. Here is an article about a guy with some interesting philosophies on life. Nassim Nicholas Taleb–not sure what I make of him yet. I do know that I will not pay to see him speak, but may read his book.

Government suppressing scientific information

Looks like NASA has been under a pseudo gag order regarding climate change information. It is interesting as they have the vantage point (space) that no other organization has. This information should be shared freely and openly, but they do receive their marching orders, and money, from the US government. Hopefully this will change with new leadership. Check out this blog from Scruffy Dan.

Conservative attack ads

Up here in Canada our government is launching attack ads against the Liberals, with no election in sight.  Shouldn’t there be some sort of law against this kind of frivolous spending by the government without any real information for the public.  The thing is, people might buy this kind of unwarranted fear mongering as they see gasoline prices going higher.  I hope not.

Obama’s the guy

Well the democratic nominee is finalized.  We shall see if the party can mend it’s differences and fight off the republican hordes.


Definition: Geektainment!

I made up this word the other day at work, and thought I was pretty clever for doing it!  I have recently searched on Google and have found a few (very few) references to the word.  So maybe I’m not the first in the world to use it, I’m certainly an early adopter.  I should’ve trademarked the word!  (Maybe I still can…)

Anyhoo, if you want to know my basic definition of the world it is:

Geektainment noun

1.  Entertainment created by geeks, for geeks.

I will not get into the definition of the word geek right now.