I believe the lack of long-term thinking causes many problems in society today. 

Our elected officials only think about promises that will get them elected.  The next four years is then about just that – the next four years.  Doing enough to get elected again.  And it’s not all their fault.  Most voters only care about what the government can get them in those next four years.

There are parallels in the business world.  CEOs are brought in to publicly traded companies with a single goal in mind–increase the stock price.  With the housing bubble bursting, we are hearing about CEOs who have invested in sub-prime mortgages because of the high returns in the short-term with no thought to their sustainability.   

That’s why I find the Long Now Foundation so interesting.  They are really trying to get people thinking long term about all kinds of issues.  I’m just finding about them myself, but at first glance it looks interesting.  Here is a link to their site.

Long Now Foundation