I am always intrigued by regions that try to replicate the innovative atmosphere that exists in Silicon Valley in California.  I am a current denizen of Silicon Valley North (I’m not sure they use that term anymore) and have also resided in Cambrige that once called itself the Silicon Fen.  I’ve also heard of numerous other regions such as Silicon Glen and Silicon Alley.  I even did a wikipedia search on the Silicon type names and was able to find a list of such places around the world.   Some areas are more successful than others, but all are trying to achieve the critical mass to create a world-class center for research and innovation.

It now looks like Dubai wants to do the same thing.  Patrick Mannion, Editor in Chief of TechOnline, is in Dubai tracking the International Electronics Forum and has some interesting comments from some of the decision makers there.    It’ll be interesting to see how Dubai does with all their money but current scarcity of engineering talent.   Here is a link to Patrick’s blog:  IEF puts Dubai in electronics spotlight