I have watched the news and have heard a bit about the Tory advertising scandal. I will probably research this more, but in the mean-time I do have some strong feelings on the election process.

In a true democratic society, the election rules have to be followed precisely. In Canada that means that there is a limit on the dollars that can be spent during an election. I know all parties will attempt to circumvent or massage this rule to their favour–I’m glad that the RCMP is getting involved in this. Election corruption can occur in all different forms, including improper vote tabulation, voter intimidation, and bribery. All these forms of corruption are prevalent in what we would call “corrupt” governments. But I would say that a breach of election spending laws, in an attempt to influence the voting public over and above the other parties, is also a form of election corruption.

A corruption-free election is the ultimate statement of democracy. Eternal vigilance of the election process is the price we must pay to ensure that we keep our democracy intact.